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Taseko’s Florence Copper Project a Finalist for Arizona Environmental Excellence Awards

March 22, 2022

On March 18, 2022, the Florence Copper team, along with dignitaries from the Town of Florence, Arizona celebrated the Florence Copper Project’s nomination for two environmental excellence awards from the prestigious Arizona Forward organization.

Arizona Forward brings together business and civic leaders from Arizona to promote efforts to improve environmental sustainability and economic vitality in the state. Taseko’s Florence Copper Project, specifically the Production Test Facility (PTF) it operated beginning in 2019, was nominated for Arizona Forward awards in the categories of ‘Circular Economy Solutions’ and ‘Technology Innovation’. The organization’s 40th annual awards presentation was held on March 19, 2022.

Taseko’s President & CEO, Stuart McDonald, commented “Although Florence Copper was not a final award recipient, we are very proud of the nomination and the recognition we received from Arizona Forward. The Florence Copper PTF has demonstrated that in-situ copper recovery is an environmentally sound and sustainable method to produce copper – an essential metal for the global energy transition.

“With its small environmental footprint, unparalleled greenhouse gas intensity per unit of production, lower energy and water requirements than conventional mining, limited land disturbance and numerous site redevelopment opportunities post-closure, we believe Florence Copper heralds a new era of American mining.”

Brent Berg, Florence Copper’s General Manager, added, “Being part of a Project that has such an extraordinarily small environmental footprint, yet such significant employment and economic benefits for the Town of Florence, the State of Arizona, our workforce and their families is so fulfilling. On behalf of the entire Florence Copper team, we are honored to have been nominated by Arizona Forward.”

About Arizona Forward

Established in 1969, Arizona Forward is a member-based non-profit. The premier organization brings business and civic leaders together to promote cooperative efforts to improve the environmental sustainability and economic vitality of the state of Arizona. In addition to its annual Environmental Excellence Awards, Arizona Forward is known for its federal, state and local advocacy efforts and its events and projects focused on climate action, healthy communities, clean air solutions, forest health, sustainable water future, and many other environmental issues.

Pictured above L to R: Vice-Mayor Michelle Cordes (ToF), Stacy Gramazio (FC), Brent Berg (FC), Mayor Tara Walter (ToF), Council member Judy Hughes (ToF), Lisa Garcia (ToF), Catherine Wilson (ToF), Maggie Dooley (Central Arizona College Foundation), Battalion Chief Jim Walter (ToF), Jeff Graves (ToF).

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