• May is Mining Month, as proclaimed by the Province of B.C.
    May is Mining Month, as proclaimed by the Province of B.C.
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Mining Month: A celebration of dedication and resiliency

May 28, 2020

Published in the Quesnel Cariboo Observer

By Richard Tremblay, Vice President Operations, Taseko Mines

May is Mining Month, as proclaimed by the Province of B.C.

Since its inception (previously Mining Week), it was a time where people would come together and celebrate the contributions of the industry and the people in it.

With the ongoing battle against COVID-19, this year’s Mining Month may be different in execution; however, today, it is more important than ever to recognize the resiliency of the industry and to celebrate the commitment to the people working in it.

In the Cariboo, there are approximately 650 employees that work at Gibraltar Mine. Each day, even in difficult times such as we are currently experiencing, Gibraltar employees commit themselves to operational excellence and efficient production.

While it may not be business as usual, there are a number of priorities and initiatives Taseko, Gibraltar and our employees are continuing to pursue, including:

  • Health and safety, our top priority – additional measures have been put into place to ensure the well-being of everyone at our operations,
  • Supporting the community through providing our experience and expertise in conducting fit-testing and providing respirators for physicians, nurses and dentists
  • Student and co-op programs continuing as planned – ensuring youth have an opportunity to learn and advance their careers
  • Continuation in planning and execution of our environmental and Indigenous initiatives, such as the Fraser River Salmon Sampling Program.

While the immediate future for society may look somewhat different as we adjust to living with the COVID-19, you can rest assure Taseko, Gibraltar, and our employees will continue to focus on employee safety, environmental protection, delivering social value, and operational excellence.

In conjunction with Mining Month, Taseko has published its first Environmental, Social, and Governance Report, titled Our Contribution to Society. The Report is an examination of the Company’s sustainable performance, highlighting our continued dedication. The full report can be viewed at tasekomines.com/our-contribution.

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