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Gibraltar Mine Rescue Team turns in Award-Winning Performance during 65th Annual BC Mine Rescue & First Aid Competition

July 05, 2023

The 65th annual BC Mine Rescue & First Aid competition, showcasing the specialized emergency response training of mine rescue teams from around the province, was held June 15 – 17, 2023 in Taseko and Gibraltar’s hometown of Williams Lake.

Co-hosted by the Mining Association of BC and the BC Ministry of Energy, Mines & Low Carbon Innovation over two days of competition, the event consisted of the South-Central Zone Competition and the Provincial Mine Rescue Competition.

Of the 64 Gibraltar men and women that serve on the Mine Rescue teams, seven were selected for the South Central Zone Surface Team and three of the seven were selected for the 3-person First Aid Team.

Both teams had excellent performances during the June 15 zone competition, with six first place finishes in the seven task event and one 2nd place finish in the three task event - qualifying both teams for the Provincial Competition.

During the Provincial Competition held June 17, Gibraltar competed against Mine Rescue teams from operations throughout British Columbia – including Highland Valley Copper, Mount Polley, Mount Milligan, Fording River & Greenhills.

Captain Wendell Owen, Jordan Blois and Heidi Symons from Gibraltar’s 3-person First Aid team had outstanding performances, winning the competition and receiving recognition as Best First Aid for Surface Team.

Richard Tremblay, Senior Vice President of Operations for Taseko, commented “Congratulations to the men and women of Gibraltar’s Mine Rescue team on their strong performance at both the South-Central Zone and Provincial Mine Rescue Competitions. The outcome of the competitions not only shows the dedication of Gibraltar’s Mine Rescue team in keeping our crews safe, but also their commitment and passion for their jobs and performing at award-winning levels.”

Mr. Tremblay concluded, “It was great to have the Gibraltar Team demonstrate their skills to a hometown crowd, and for the 3-Person First Aid team to bring home the Provincial medal.”

Mine Rescue Competition Team Members:
Gibraltar’s Surface Team:
  • Captain Todd Voth
  • Vice-Captain Jono Neufeld
  • Brian Getson
  • Shawn Shaw
  • Wendell Owen
  • Heidi Symons
  • Spare Jordan Blois
  • Coached by Cyndi van Alphen, assisted by Ron MacEachern
3 Person First Aid Team
  • Captain Wendell Owen
  • Jordan Blois
  • Heidi Symons

Gibraltar Awards:

Surface Team:
South Central Zones Competition:
  • Jim Balmer Memorial Trophy 1st Place Bench Task
  • South Central Zone Trophy 1st Place Written
  • Dick Suttie Memorial Trophy 1st Place First Aid Task
  • South Central Zone Best Captain – Todd Voth
  • Best Overall Captains Performance Surface Zone – Todd Voth
  • Department of Mines and Petroleum Resources Annual Trophy Surface Mine Rescue Competition 1st Place Overall
3 Person First Aid Team:
South Central Zones Competition:
  • South Central Zone 3 Person First Aid 2nd place
  • Best First Aid for Surface Team
Provincial Mine Rescue Competition
  • Best First Aid for Surface Team

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