Company Updates

Construction of Florence Copper Production Test Facility

September 26, 2017

Taseko has announced the company will move forward with the construction of a Production Test Facility at our Florence Copper Project, the advanced-stage in-situ copper recovery (ISCR) project located in central Arizona,

The decision to construct coincided with the successful conclusion of both the state and federal environmental permitting processes

What does this decision mean?

Construction of Florence Copper’s PTF will mean a $25-million-dollar investment within the community of Florence Az. The test facility will require 35 jobs during the 9-month construction period and 40 permanent jobs once the PTF is operational.

This pilot test will demonstrate the safety and reliability of the in-situ copper recovery method.

Full commercial operations are expected to begin after the PTF, creating approximately 800 direct and indirect jobs for Arizona.

A long process …

This has been one of the longest, most thorough and detailed examinations of a mining project in the history of Arizona! Water protection is of the highest priority – as it should be.

Florence Copper has met every requirement by both the state and federal governments. There is absolutely no doubt that the proposed test facility is environmentally sound and that drinking water will be protected.

Taseko is excited to announce this milestone and move the project closer to full operations.

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