Environment, Social, & Governance

Continued success for Taseko requires that we to do business ‘the right way’, which means a steadfast commitment to employee safety, environmental protection, and delivering social value.

We have appraised our operations and undertaken an accounting of the value we generate for employees and communities, measured against the environmental impact of our business.

In our annual Environment, Social, & Governance Reports we freely offer the results of our examination so that those interested in the work we do are better able to consider the public value of our contribution.

ESG Reports

Realizing Collective Potential

Taseko’s Policies

Specific policies and procedures guide our work and ensure responsible and sustainable practices and outcomes. Sustainability is at the heart of of our three overarching corporate policies:

  • Health & Safety: Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • Indigenous People: Develop mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous Peoples
  • Environment: Continual improvement in the protection of human health and the natural environment

Flowing from Taseko's Environmental Policy is Gibraltar's Environmental Policy (PDF)